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the FIND Workshop | Flaming Chicken Studios | Charlotte, NC

I'm a few years in now and I think I needed reminded of that. I have another blog up my sleeve about my experience at FIND, but lets kick it off with a special night at Flaming Chicken Studios here in Charlotte. Troy and Scott (who run the studio) were kind enough invite our group in so we could turn back the clock and see what it was like to shoot film the OLD SCHOOL way. And not old school like mom and dad's prom pics, but old school as in 1850's Civil War portraits. I won't digress too much about how FREAKING AWESOME this experience was, but let's just say it'd be like Doc Brown actually getting his Flux Capacitor to work in real life so we could all go back and see the wild wild west! And if that doesn't do it for you, it's as cool as a hoverboard. And that's damn cool too.

A lot of these were shot digitally on a D810 in 4x5 mode, but there's some 35mm film in there too. If you want to dive into some of the processes used, start here.

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