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Learn more about charlotte wedding photographer Jim Trice Photography. He photographs and provides a high end wedding photography experience for Charlotte NC weddings, Charleston SC weddings, and destination weddings.


At heart, I'm a beach-bum who can't get enough of the ocean, it's greenish blues, and the calmness I feel when I'm near the water. 

I was born in the naval town of Annapolis so naturally I wanted to be a Naval Aviator like Maverick…

{Cues up worn-out VHS copy of Top Gun…}

Sadly, that didn’t quite work out like I dreamed as a kid, but as life often does, I found something even better as a wedding photographer…

It is my absolute passion. I will pour my heart into your wedding day and, in turn, hopefully deliver photographs that will make you feel. To me, weddings are about the people, the relationships and the joy these connections bring.

What I ask is that you step into this process with an open mind, open heart and a willingness to experience all of this together. It’s about facilitating and observing moments… moments to be relived for the rest of your life.

Day to day, I love morning coffees with my girlfriend and endlessly scrolling Google Flights in search of our next adventure. Traveling has always been a priority and one of my greatest sources of inspiration.

Please drop me a line via the contact form or directly at jimtricephotography@gmail.com

PS. If you’re a fighter pilot, I will shoot your wedding for free if you take me up. Seriously.