Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel to my event? 

I love to traveling for weddings and various assignments. It's probably my main source of inspiration. I make a point of keeping my passport current and my costs as low as possible so the extra effort is worth it. I spent the better part of my 20's playing drums in a small, touring band so I learned to travel light and affordably. 

Can we customize our wedding collection?

Absolutely. My wedding collection is designed for simplicity's sake, but if you've seen something you'd like to add, or discuss, please just let me know. I'm happy to make customizations. I find that my offerings address most of your wedding day needs, but understand that no wedding day is the same. 


How do we book you for our date?

To reserve your wedding day, a deposit of 50% of your package price is due at the signing of the contract. I'm happy to spread the first payment out over a couple months, if necessary. The remaining balance can be paid 7 days prior to the day or anytime in the month of your wedding.

How many photos will we get from our wedding?

This number largely depends on the amount of time, details, bridal party size, locations, etc. Generally, I deliver anywhere from 50-100 images per hour of coverage. I carefully select each and every one of your images because I believe less is more. That's not to say I'm leaving things out, but I want to tell your story concisely and in the most beautiful way possible. The mindset of going through 600 photos is much different than if there were 1200. It shouldn't be a race... sometimes letting a photo evoke a shared memory is better than having everything laid out right in front of you. Going through your photos with your spouse should be a casual and tender experience. 


How do we print our photos?

I'm old-school when it comes to the philosophy of printing. I believe an image only truly exists once it's been printed on paper, canvas, or in an album. USB drives, computers and cell phones are great for their convenience, but that shouldn't be a permanent home for one of the most cherished and special days of your life.  

For prints, I recommend that you print through me via the online gallery that's included with your collection. I use professional labs, which are only available to photographers and their quality greatly exceeds any one-hour photo, Target, or Walmart. When your wedding is ready, you will receive a link to your online gallery so you can order prints and share your special day with family and friends. 


What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backup gear?

I shoot on professional Nikon (film and digital) and Pentax medium format. Depending on the event, I will sometimes shoot a hybrid mix of film and digital. I usually have 3-5 cameras with me on a wedding day so there's plenty of redundancy. That goes for insurance too. Got it covered.