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Travel Photography | Snowboarding | Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

We ended up in Whistler, where met up with our other good Aussie mates (and former View St. Hooligans) KnoxyMeowMeow and Chacha (slang for Charlotte). They'd been living/working on the mountain so we really couldn't think of a better couple to impose on and get crispy* with, aka Garf'd. Yo!* Check this*. Even Pete and Pru flew up from Oz! Up until our arrival we'd heard that the season had been dry and it was pretty apparent everyone was keen for some fresh pow pow*. And as luck would have it, guess what was falling from the sky as we pulled into the village?!? Pow*, yo. And LOTS of it. Matil swears that he's the reason Whistler got such a crispy* dumping in mid-late February and I can't really argue with him, ya know? Ma bro* has a way with Momma Nature. The ladies love him.

Long story short... over the course of our sesh* in Whistler we got to rip* over 100 inches of sick-fresh*, fluffy pow pow*!!! So thanks Matil for your spoice-y* weather ways! I know everyone appreciates it.

Towards the end of our gnar* trip, one of my sisters (hot pink pants) dipped on work and was able to shred* with us for a few. For a total grom*, she took to snowboarding quite well... no massive yard sales* so she must of had a good teacher. Pete are you still concussed after that flailing nog cart-wheel?

DROPPPPPPINNNNGGG*! This post documents our last day on the hill. We only had two bluebird days due to the snow so this is Christie's first glimpse at her surroundings after already spending few days on the hill.

Man... I love this place. Well done, Whistler. Well done.

*I actually talk like this, so yea... just wanted to make sure everyone is clear. :)