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Newborn Family Session | Will | Charlotte, NC

Now that some of my friends are starting to collect armies of their own, I gather that this vicious cycle repeats forever or until potty training and college. Every now and again, I get invited into a new home to photograph a brand new baby boy, or girl, and let me tell you... it's the best. It's like a foreign world that's equal parts refreshing, challenging and intimate. At weddings, it's rare to get 20 seconds to think through an idea because there's so much to do. But here, it's quiet. You can hear the dishwasher running in the next room and the hum of the postman's 1990s jeep skipping down the street. It sounds weird, but for a few moments I feel lost... like I missed a turn and should be looking for a dress hanging in a doorway.

I love that I can exist in both worlds. For me, it's a great balance. But most of all, I just appreciate being able to document a new chapter in a family's story. This is Mark, Nina and Will. Will was 10 days old when these photos were taken.

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